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Socialite Summer Style

While summer is traditionally the time to make a much-needed pilgrimage to the Hamptons or the Jersey Shore, sometimes the most relaxing weekend plans are no plans at all. I’ve grown to love my relaxing unscheduled summer weekends in the city. This past weekend, I went to Roosevelt Island for the first time and fell in love with the wildflowers.

Socialite Summer Style

I’m wearing my casual summer uniform which consists of a Linen-Cotton Original Fit Shirt from Express paired with Dark Wash Denim Shorts. I absolutely love how light and airy this blue button up is for summer. I refuse to go anywhere without my purple Longchamp ‘Small Le Pliage’ Tote. My belt is from C4 Belts. I custom designed it from their incredible selection of colors and patterns. Being me, of course I picked the preppiest design, but you can pick one that best fits your personality. To top it off, I’m wearing my fav Juicy Couture sunglasses that I got back in 2009. I originally bought them because I loved Nicole Richie’s big sunglasses look and they fit my face perfectly.

Photos by: Zarif Taufiq

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Highlights From the Weekend

Crossing the Hudson River for a fun day in Hoboken where the views of Manhattan are amazing and the drinks are sometimes cheaper.

Told you the view was amazing!  The lighting for photos was not ideal that day, but you get the idea.

Sangria and Silly Straws!

Getting back in touch with my spiritual side by stopping by my psychic after Sunday brunch on the Upper East Side.  In the socialite world, Sunday Funday can also be a spiritual time.

In the cards and in my aura, the psychic saw success in my own business and travel in my near future.  She also told me my soulmate would be a Gemini with the initial ‘J’ in either his first or last name.  I can’t say for sure if psychics are real, but it’s really fun to go once in a while.