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Winter Storm Jonas Turns New York Into a Winter Wonderland

Today Winter Storm Jonas turned New York City into a whole new place. The blizzard gave New Yorkers a true day off and transformed Manhattan into a traffic-free Winter Wonderland. If only every day could be a snow day!

Winter Storm Jonas

I’ve lived in New York for about six years now and I’ve never seen it the way I saw it during the Jonas blizzard. Instead of being the fast and busy place it always is, New York became relaxed and whimsical as the snowstorm blasted over Manhattan. With no non emergency vehicles allowed on the roads, everyone who was out on the empty streets of the city was there to play. Since there was no traffic, you could even walk and make snow angels in the middle of the street.

As I walked through the snowy city, I saw people making snowmen in Times Square, cross country skiing through the streets and enjoying the bliss of having nowhere they needed to be.  If there’s anything I learned from this monumental blizzard it’s that New Yorkers need more snow days (we got around two feet of snow today) and that everyone needs a good North Face jacket. I’ve had mine for 10 years and it’s still going strong.

Flatiron Building NYC

Blizzard 2016

New York Public Library

Bryant Park Hotel

Jonas Snowstorm

Bryant Park NYC

New York Snow Storm

Times Square NYC

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New Year’s Eve 2015 in Times Square

New Year's Times Square

Last night I said goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015 in Times Square with my boyfriend and his family. Though watching the ball drop at home is always exciting, there’s nothing like seeing the New Year’s Eve countdown in person and feeling the confetti fall all around you at midnight. Everyone should do it at least once.

As I relax at home on New Year’s Day, I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store. I hope it brings with it my first 5K run, a trip to the west coast with my boyfriend and many other happy surprises. Happy New Year Socialites!

Confetti Happy New Year

2015 New Years

New Years Eve

New Years Eve Times Square

New Years

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Celebrating the New Year in Times Square – Happy 2013!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!  I’m so excited to see what 2013 has in store.  This year, I braved the crowds and craziness by ringing in 2013 in Times Square armed with my new Sony NEX-F3K/S 16.1MP Interchangeable Lens Camera that my Dad gave me for Christmas.  Expect more fab fashion photo shoots on Aspiring Socialite in 2013 thanks to my amazing new camera which I love because it’s a great mixture between an everyday point and shoot and a super fancy professional photographer’s camera.  I must say that I couldn’t have chosen a better place to take my first pictures on my new camera than celebrating the New Year in Times Square that come midnight on New Year’s Eve is even more the center of the universe.  The crowds are crazy, but having so many people around actually makes the air warmer.  Looking forward to continuing my socialite journey in NYC in 2013.  13 may not traditionally be a lucky number, but I feel tons of prosperity coming on.

Happy New Year! Love the confetti!

More confetti!

Have an amazing 2013!

Deadly Cocktails at Times Scare!

New York can be a scary place. In the few years I’ve lived here, I’ve had enough experiences with general and criminal insanity to give me quite a socialite scare. But, for some reason I keep coming back for more. I should really start writing a book just of New York stories. Over the weekend, I made a spontaneous Saturday afternoon visit with Cocktail Chic to Times Scare, a haunted attraction off of Times Square where it’s Halloween 365 days a year.  The bars inside look like the sets of two distinct horror movies.  For the right clothing line, this could be the perfect venue for a fashion shoot.

Living directly off Times Square in Hell’s Kitchen, I’ve walked by this place hundreds of times, but always shrugged it off as a tourist attraction not worthy of my now native New Yorker attention.  However, being a huge fan of horror movies and spontaneity, Ashley and I decided to go in and have a drink on a whim.  At first glance of the delightfully creepy decor, we realized that Times Scare was the place to be for a bloody-looking cocktail on a Saturday afternoon.  We’ll be back for another killer cocktail long before the zombie apocalypse.

The Kill Room – Party at your own risk!

Killer candelabras in The Kill Room

Inside The Parlour of the Paranormal


Creepy mirror with a reflection of the Parlour of the Paranormal bar

MySpace AMP’d Up Concert at the Best Buy Theater

Sorry socialites, but I have been a bit behind on my blogging. Things have been so busy and here is why. Monday night I attended the MySpace AMP’d Up Concert at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square in honor of the first night of Advertising Week here in New York. If the open bar wasn’t enough, Far East Movement, B.o.B., and Natasha Bedingfield performed. I was especially impressed with Natasha Bedingfield’s performance as she belted out notes on stage. It’s ironic that nowadays we are impressed when artists actually sing in concert. When you think about it, that really should be a given.

Props to Ms. Bedingfield for putting on an amazing live performance. I got some amazing shots and video of her singing “Sending Out an S.O.S.” Lately, I have found myself saying S.O.S. to the world due to my busy schedule.  You’re only young in New York City once and I’m out to experience everything I have the opportunity to experience. Even if it means staying out till the early morning hours. Hope you enjoy this exclusive clip. I believe in approaching the world boldly. So I love how bold this performance is.