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Dorky Fashion: Social Network Sneakers by Adidas

I know these shoes are flat and on top of that they are sneakers.  If you are expecting to find Prada or Louis Vuitton please go to another post immediately because it is all flip flops and hoodies here.  In a world dominated by social networking, divas have essentially become dorks.  My dorky side is completely obsessed with Adidas new line of social network themed sneakers.  The “you can’t buy just one pair of shoes” rule totally applies here because as a blogger aspiring to online fame, I am almost always on Facebook and Twitter at the same time promoting my ever so glamorous socialite agenda.  Therefore, I need both pairs of shoes to accurately express my daily life.  If I really wanted to take a major fashion risk I could purposely mismatch my shoes wearing a different one on either foot stylishly expressing the act of constantly being on two social networks at once.  Who knows?  That look could go viral and become the next fashion craze.  It is ironic that in the mist of my determined pursuit of high fashion and leisure, I rediscovered my inner geek.  The other day, I even wrote I line of code as I watched the epic movie, Troy, and drank a Red Bull which is a total geek move if you ask me.  I also plan on reading The Facebook Effect in the hope that it will help me think more like an Internet entrepreneur.  Just as every fashionista should know their Coach from their Gucci they should also know their HTML from their JavaScript.