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5 Sunglasses Hipsters Love

hipster sunglasses

Known as lovers of authenticity, revivers of retro fashion, and promoters of underground music, hipsters are a growing subculture that we still feel we don’t have the whole scoop on. But, regardless of the loathing they may attract for one reason or another, you can always count on their unique fashion sense. After all, these are the people who brought the Wayfarers back! Speaking of which, here are five popular hipster sunglasses I can’t get enough of, as worn by the stars:

1. Ralph Lauren 8071W Sunglasses, as seen on Leandra Medine (Man Repeller.) Houndstooth print is what makes these sunglasses stand out. However, it’s the simple shape that makes them so good: small round lenses and a keyhole nose bridge. They’ve also been sported by Kirsten Dunst and Beyonce.

2. Ray Ban Wayfarers, as seen on Robert Pattinson. As mentioned before, Wayfarers are a huge part of hipster fashion. Men and women wear them alike, whether they’re famous or not. And while a simple, black frame can be stylish, colorful, printed frames are way more hip. Find more styles by clicking here.

3. Karen Walker Northern Lights, as seen on Alexa Chung. When Karen Walker used “advanced” models to showcase their eyewear collection, all hipsters went wild. This particular style features an oversized cat eye shape – so retro! – in classic tortoiseshell.

4. Urban Outfitters Heartbreaker Sunglasses, as seen on Lana del Rey. The singer revives Lolita style with her famous heart shaped sunglasses. She even sings about them in “Diet Mountain Dew” and “Every Man Gets His Wish,” as a reference to the famous Nabokov movie and the resulting movie.

5. Prada 04PS Sunglasses, as seen on Katy Perry. Embellished sunglasses couldn’t have been missing from this hipster list! These Pradas feature gemstones all across the upper side of the frames, combined with a retro inspired cat eye shape, and they’ve also been spotted on Rihanna.

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Guest Post: 5 Quick Tips to Finding the Best Sunglasses to Suit Your Personality


Burberry Sunglasses | Nike Sunglasses | Prada Sunglasses

Shopping for sunglasses can be tough. Not everything you like will look good on your face, and you’re going to initially dislike some of the styles that look best on you. But, it’s not all about looks, it’s also about personality. There are sunglasses for each temperament; you just have to find the right ones! Just answer these five questions prior to going sunglasses shopping and you’ll be home with your new babies in no time.

1. Do you want attention? If the answer is yes, then opt for oversized frames and indulge in embellishments of all sorts. Go for the funky, colorful frames. If the answer is no, decide on the classics with small frames that fit your face in neutral colors.

2. Are you active? If you’re into sports and being outdoors, go for sports sunglasses. They have high protection lenses and will keep your eyes safe and sound. If you’re not that active, you can go for fashion sunglasses which offer UV protection, but are also stylish.

3. Do you want to be a trendsetter? If you’re a follower, you’ll go for bling and/or mirror lenses. If you want to set the trend, look for unique sunglasses at thrift shops, vintage fairs, or on Etsy. Click here for more trendsetting styles.

4. Are you in charge? If you want to show your authority, wear aviator sunglasses. They’re often associated with power, since they were initially worn by policemen. If you are submissive, go for a classic Wayfarer style that is square and easy to wear.

5. Are you a romantic? If you’re nostalgic over decades you haven’t even lived in, select classic Hollywood styles of oversized, oval sunglasses or cat eyes. If you’re a realistic modern girl, go for the round sunglasses with a keyhole brow or steampunk frames.

This guest post was written by Daria P. who contributes for GlassesOnWeb.com and CelebritySunglassesWatcher.com. She also runs her own fashion blog called Kittenhood.

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Fashion Must-Haves for a Picnic or Pool Party


Not only is it bikini season, it’s pool party season. In other words, summer is for partying and barbecuing. As every gal knows, summertime occasions deserve an incredible outfit. For your upcoming poolside picnic, you’re going to need the following to make an outstanding fashion statement.

Red Sunnies

Summer is the season for sunglasses. Whether you’re flaunting a boho floral sundress or striped bikini, a rockin’ pair of sunnies is essential — and red is a trend that will really make an impression. Fire engine red gives that pop of color for a bold, yet retro look, especially during the sultry temps of summer. As soon as you throw on those ruby red sunglasses, you’re a carefree gal ready for a cool Corona while lounging poolside and indulging in a veggie burger. For a classic vintage look, go for a pair of Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer in red or be playful with a pair of cherry, over-sized, flirty sunglasses from Oakley.

Straw Hat

Throw on a trendy panama, wide-brimmed fedora or classic sun hat to not only look like a fashionista, but to shade your face from the sun. Sun protection is always en vogue. Stay even cooler by twisting your hair into a side fishtail braid or pulling it into a low ponytail. Accessorizing your laid-back picnic outfit with a straw hat gives that little extra urban flare.

Denim & Shorts

Since it’s summer and a poolside picnic, the shorter the shorts, the better. Classic khaki shorts, rolled jeans or distressed denim cutoffs are all within the dress code for an afternoon summer barbecue. For this season, denim with denim is far from being a fashion crime. Pair your shorts with an oversized denim chambray, sleeveless denim collared shirt or colored tank with an opened denim vest. For an all-American denim look, People magazine’s fashion experts recommend Forever 21, Silver Jeans, Madewell, and American Eagle.

Plaid Button Up

Nothing says perfect picnic style more than a checkered button up, especially in red or blue. A plaid blouse worn with short denim cutoffs or a preppy skirt creates that fashion dichotomy of sexy edginess and clean-cut prep. Of course, no pattern is more picnic-appropriate than a red-and-white block print that stylishly mimics a vintage picnic tablecloth.

Striped Tank

Still looking for more fashion alternatives than a denim or plaid shirt for your upcoming poolside soiree? Loose-fitting striped tanks are comfortable and breezy, yet trendy enough to still make a style statement. StyleMint.com, a T-shirt collection designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, designs an array of striped tanks, such as the over-sized Graham racerback tank in grey or taupe or the teal and ivory striped peplum Carey Top tank with a gold zipper back and ruffled flare.


Along with your pleasant smile and picnic baked good, a beach tote must also be in tow. You can’t tell where this barbecue soiree will go, so you must be prepared with sunscreen, your bathing suit, a beach towel, a case for your VisionDirect contact lenses, bronzer, hairspray, and a sweater to put on for after your late-night swim.

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Stripes and Sunglasses


I’ve recently gotten back into Mad Men. Like millions of Americans reliving the 60s through this hit series, I’m very much looking forward to the season finale on Sunday. Though I’m quite intrigued by the story, I mostly watch for the fashion. Now that the show is exploring life in the late 60s, I’m loving the shorter hemlines and often find myself scouring vintage shops in search of styles fitting that of Sally and Megan Draper.

Not having found a genuine late 60s mini dress, I fished through my closet looking for something similar. When I came across this short striped dress and Jackie O. sunglasses, I decided to enjoy a beautiful day with a luxurious walk along the Hudson River.





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What to Wear this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is this weekend and chances are you will be kicking off summer 2012 at an outdoor party somewhere.  I usually save the red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July, but you can totally go the patriotic route if you’d like.  Here are two fab Memorial Day looks that just may make this weekend your most fashionable three-day weekend yet:

1.  Theme Ready or Nautical Dress: This sea breeze dress is the perfect summer ensemble that’s bound to flatter your figure while paying homage to summers of the shores of Maine.

2.  Butter London Lippy Trout Pout: A girl’s got to have her gloss!

3.  Sperry Top-Sider Milly Authentic Original Platform Pumps: These shoes are by far the star of this outfit.  Inspired by the classic deck shoe, you’ll be getting compliments on these shoes where you go.

4.  DVF Alexandra Oversized Sunglasses: Nicole Richie and her oversized sunglasses went from hot mess to just plain hot.  These are in honor of her and her journey.

5.  Citrine by the Stones Hemp Bracelet: An awesome touch to the navy blue nautical theme.

1.  Foley & Corinna Mid City Fuchsia: A simple pink bag for your not so simple life.

2.  Forever 21 Colorful Geo Bracelet: Love this Missoni-inspired bangle.

3.  DV by Dolce Vita Archer Hot Pink: Cute and comfortable!

4.  TOPSHOP Big Bird Playsuit: Playsuits are so in for the summer because they’re super fun.

5.  ASOS Articulated Colored Triangle Collar Necklace: Colorful like the summer sunset.

6.  Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen SPF 30 Lotion: Sunscreen is always your best accessory.  I don’t want any of my socialite fans getting sunburned so always apply and reapply.