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All the Stuff You Want This Holiday That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Between finding the perfect holiday party outfit, buying cute Christmas ornaments, and styling my entire family in the hottest winter wear, I absolutely love holiday shopping.  Call my spending habits frivolous, but they make me and everyone on my gift list very happy. In light of the less than socialite economy, I’m selecting gifts this year that are cute and funny.

Here are my top 5 favorites that are bound to up the cuteness for the 2011 Holidays:

1. kate spade “Spike the Punch” Shirt: The perfect thing to wear to a casual holiday party that is bound to show your style and sense of humor all while keeping with the happy spirit of the holidays.

2. Starbucks Tree Ornament: My love for coffee/caffeine deserves a place of honor high upon my Christmas tree.

3. Angry Birds Hat: My mom will kill me if I don’t get her one of these this year.

4. Christopher Radko Michael Kors Ball: Every socialite needs a designer Christmas tree complete with couture ornaments.

5. Fairisle Ear Muff Headphones: The moment I saw these awesome warm headphones at Juicy Couture, I had to have them. When I walk around the city in the bitter cold zoning out to Glee songs on my iPod, I like to do so stylishly.

Socialite Hint: You can support the economy and your sanity by getting your Christmas shopping done early.

Crazy for kate spade Fall 2011

It’s getting colder and the fashion is getting warmer. But, sometimes hot accessories don’t come cheap. When it comes to the beautiful collections of kate spade, that absolutely rings true.   With kate spade, some of the most dainty items have the heaviest price tag.  Ironic? Yes.  Overpriced?  Maybe.  No matter what the case may be, I’m completely obsessed with these winter hats, especially the tiara hat, the crown jewel of kate spade’s fall collection.  I can totally see myself wearing it to a socialite ski weekend in Aspen.  It will so be on my Christmas list.  Here are some other New York inspired winter items by kate spade that will also be making an appearance on my Christmas list.  Unless of course I pick them, up sooner.

Socialite Stuff: Thank You Cards Are Classy

If socialites have any responsibilities, they are to be classy and fashionable. What is classier than personalized printed Thank You cards that express your gratitude and personality? It doesn’t take a special occasion to be showered with gifts.  Therefore, socialites need to constantly be sending out Thank You notes.  Being a socialite is all about having things (along with an above average amount of spare time) so if you haven’t already, start Thank You card shopping.  As we all know, hearing about the latest designer fashions isn’t as good as actually having them.  So isn’t a physical entity of your gratitude more powerful than your incredibly eloquent words? Pictured left is this adorable designer stationary by kate spade.  Perfect for a socialite who enjoys her classically girly designs.

Though kate spade has an excellent selection of brightly colored cards and note pads, PAPYRUS has an even bigger selection of socialite style greeting cards and invitations.  However, if you can’t find anything in the stores that fits your vision of what a Thank You from you should look like, you can always design something yourself or hire a designer for a one of a kind card to give your loving admirers.