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My New York in Instagrams

So I finally got an iPhone (I know it’s shameful how long it took), but this phone upgrade has truly marked an upgrade in my life.  I’ve come to realize that every time I use Instagram, I’m holding a billion dollars. That app is absolutely amazing.  If you ask me, Facebook purchased it for a steal.  Today, I walked through my neighborhood on Manhattan’s west side shooting Instagrams of my surroundings.  Seeing them on Instagram was as magical as when I saw New York for the first time.

Above you will find the Empire State Building to the left and the view from outside my door on Ninth Ave. to the right.  Since this past weekend was absolutely beautiful, I took a stroll through the High Line, a city park built on old elevated train tracks.  Here are some of the highlights of my High Line trip:

(Left) A butterfly at the High Line
(Right) The Diane von Furstenberg store in Meatpacking

(Left) The Standard Hotel
(Right) A billboard that explains everything you need to know about life in Manhattan