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You Know You’re in Your Late 20s When

How can I look younger

Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how I’ve evolved since my early 20s. Looking back I can see my progression from spontaneous party girl living like there’s no tomorrow to a grown up businesswoman who still loves a tall glass of champagne. While I often wonder if I’ll ever own a home or see the world like I’ve always hoped, all I can do is keep trekking forward making sure that I have tons of fun along the way.

Six Signs that you’re in your Late 20s:

6. Friday Nights In

On Friday nights, you’d rather go to bed than hit the bar. Gone are the days of running to the nearest happy hour the moment work lets out. Once you’ve reached your late 20s, Friday nights become a time to rest and catch up on your favorite shows.

5. Say Goodbye to Daddy’s Credit Card

You no longer have access to your parents’ credit cards. But you’ve probably racked up a significant credit card debt of your own that you’re just starting to pay off. You must mourn this loss.

4. Weekends Mean Weddings

As you attempt to grow your savings account and relax at home on Friday nights, your friends are settling down too. This means your weekends are going to be filled with weddings, bridal showers and of course bachelorette parties. While this means more parties for you, be sure to budget for dresses, gifts and travel.

3. Alcohol = Quality > Quantity

While you used to stock up on the cheapest possible drinks such as boxed wine and 24 packs of Keystone Light, you now prefer to chill at a wine bar or discover a new craft beer.

2. You Know Your Style

After years of experimenting with everything from clearance bin finds to maxing out your credit cards on couture, you finally know what items to splurge on and which to buy on sale. As a certified expert on what looks best on you and what you feel most comfortable in, you’ve also become your best personal stylist.

1. Clubs Become Lame

Though you still make an appearance at a club from time to time, they no longer have the celebrity appeal that they used to. After all, making it across the velvet ropes is so five years ago.

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The House I Grew Up In

home sweet home

It’s been many years since I lived in the suburbs and over 10 since I lived in the house I grew up in. Enamored by the Edenridge neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware, my parents bought the house in the 90s when absolutely nothing in it had been updated since the 70s. After spending two years living in a construction site, as the kitchen had to be completely gutted and the electric green shag carpets burned, we ended up with a masterpiece of a house custom made for us. Naturally, it was hard to leave when we did. So whenever I come home to visit, I can’t help but drive by the house where I grew up in and reminisce about a simpler time.




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