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DIY Metallic Pumpkins for Halloween

I haven’t done many DIY projects before. However, after being inspired by a bunch of amazing DIY blogs and my favorite holiday – Halloween, I decided to try my hand at making glam metallic pumpkins.

Pumpkins Halloween DIY

They were relatively simple to make and look great in a garden or lit up by candles on my kitchen countertop. After I picked out a few pumpkins I liked, I took a paintbrush and acrylic paint. Then I coated the pumpkins in silver and gold paint. It took a lot of coats before they look solid, but once they did I left them to dry and presto!

DIY Pumpkin Halloween ideas

Halloween DIY

How to Decorate Halloween Pumpkins

How to decorate Halloween Pumpkins DIY

Halloween Pumpkins DIY

DIY Halloween

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