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Wooded Winter Style

winter fashion

Though I don’t like extremely hot or extremely cold weather, I love the changing of seasons. However, even when seasons are in full bloom, the weather can still be very unpredictable. While home for the holidays in Wilmington, Delaware, I decided to do a shoot with some of my favorite winter wear. But, when the day came around, I was pleasantly surprised by an unseasonably warm spring day. Many thanks to my Mom for taking the photos!

I’m wearing one of my favorite winter sweaters that I got forever ago at Forever 21, a pair of Circus by Sam Edelman Rider Tall Riding Boots, Rock & Republic for Kohl’s Berlin Skinny Jeans and a basic black tank from Express.

fashion winter

winter style


winter style shoot

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The House I Grew Up In

home sweet home

It’s been many years since I lived in the suburbs and over 10 since I lived in the house I grew up in. Enamored by the Edenridge neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware, my parents bought the house in the 90s when absolutely nothing in it had been updated since the 70s. After spending two years living in a construction site, as the kitchen had to be completely gutted and the electric green shag carpets burned, we ended up with a masterpiece of a house custom made for us. Naturally, it was hard to leave when we did. So whenever I come home to visit, I can’t help but drive by the house where I grew up in and reminisce about a simpler time.




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Christmas 2013!

Christmas lights

I spent Christmas with my Mom and sister in my hometown of Wilmington, Delaware which is also the home of this fabulously overdecorated house I visit every year.

gifts under the tree

After sleeping in, opening gifts, and chilling out for a bit

fortune cookie

We went to the movies to see Saving Mr. Banks (great movie) and ordered Chinese food. Fortune cookies are a great way to go into the New Year. My fortune made me particularly excited for 2014.

Christmas movies

After dinner, we watched my favorite Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life.

It may have been a bit untraditional, but we had a lovely Christmas Day.

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At My Mother’s House


I recently spent a few days at my Mom’s house in Wilmington, DE.  Though I’m happy to be back in New York, it was nice to spend a few days at what I like to call my “country home.”  My Mom’s personality really reverberates throughout the house.  So I sought out to capture it with a few of my favorite details.


My Mom has always loved Queen Victoria. I’m even named after her.


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but my Mom is from Caracas, Venezuela.  So her house is full of Latin American art.


The Philadelphia area is in bloom

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re an Irish/Latina from the small state of Delaware trying to make it big in New York’s fashion blogging scene, there are a few FAQs that I tend to be asked very often.  Most have to do with my home state and my overall NYC lifestyle.  So to put an end to all the crazy questions, I’ve decided to answer them openly and honestly once and for all.

Q: Why do you want to be a socialite?

A: Though the term socialite is often used in a negative light to describe someone with absolutely no work ethic who lives off Daddy’s money, my definition is very different.  To me, being a socialite means having the ability to live your dreams to the fullest without being tied down by the financial responsibilities/difficulties we all face.  Think about how you would live your life if money were no object and you’ll discover your socialite self.

Q: You live in New York City.  How much do you pay in rent?

A: In New York, people pay a lot more rent for a lot less space.  At this point in my life, I refuse to live anywhere outside Manhattan so my rent will always be high, but it’s in bad taste to share exact numbers.

Q: Can I see a second form of ID?

A: OMG!  You think I’m young?

Q: But, you don’t you look Latina? 

A: Latin Americans come in all different colors.  My mom is from Caracas, Venezuela so I grew up speaking Spanish and eating arepas at home so I’ve always identified with the Latin American culture.  However, with my last name being Sullivan, I also grew up with a lot of Irish American traditions.

Q: You’re the first person I’ve ever met from Delaware. What’s there to do in Delaware?

A: The best thing to do in Delaware is tax-free shopping.  I recommend visiting Christiana Mall or the Rehoboth Beach Outlets.  Even dining out is tax-free.  The beaches in Delaware are also a great place to be during the summer.

Q: Who is your favorite fashion designer?

A: Asking me to name my favorite fashion designer is like asking a mother of 5 to name her favorite child.  But, I do tend to love everything Alexander McQueen.

Q: Why do you drink so much caffeine?

A: I firmly believe that I would have never made it this far in life without caffeine.  Sometimes you just need that little boost of caffeinated motivation to enhance your productivity.  I also love everything about Starbucks and am honored to support their coffee empire.

Q: What are your favorite places to shop?

A: I’m a huge deal junky with a talent for finding the hottest designer items on clearance.  I love t0 mix the designer deals I find at Consignment Stores, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls with basics from Target or Express.

Q: Why are you a vegetarian?

A: My vegetarianism was a long time in the making.  Aside from chicken, eating meat has never appealed to me.  Even the smell of it cooking freaks me out.  In college, I naturally gave up meat altogether because the chicken in the dining hall was always kind of gross.  Between the use of growth hormones and the abuse of animals, I’m happy not to support the meat industry.

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