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Planning Your Next Cabana Party

It seems that you always want what you can’t have. So what a better time to plan your next summer gathering in your friendly neighborhood cabana than in the dead of winter? Having a party in a cabana is outdoor living at its best, especially if you happen to be by a pool or the ocean. The first thing to remember about cabana living, is that just because you are participating in outdoor entertaining, doesn’t mean that furniture, flooring, and decorations aren’t at a premium. Think about setting up your cabana like setting up a high-end tent to go couture camping. You’ll need at least a large outdoor table with chairs for your guests to sit. If you really want to take your seating area one step further, you can experiment with pillows and couches.

During the evening, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is always a nice touch and can serve as a means to keep away mosquitoes. For more light and protection from those pesky mosquitoes, you can also make a trail to your cabana using bamboo torches. Keep your guests cool in the summer heat with lots of water, lemonade, and exotic beverages. Lastly, remember to serve food. It’s tempting to get caught up in planning for and decorating your cabana, but your party is going to be so great that people will want to stay all day and they are bound to get hungry. I recommend ordering a few platters of finger sandwiches and storing them in your inside refrigerator until they are all ready for serving. Now, all you have to do is wait until summer.