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Boho Engagement Photos

Boho Engagement Photos

Years ago a psychic on the Upper East Side told me that I was going to meet a guy who lives in New York. But, I wouldn’t meet him in NYC, we would both be away, come back and immediately start dating. “This will be serious and lead to marriage,” she said.  Well, it looks like she was right.

Now that her prediction has come true, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of a bride I want to be. I fully plan on being a boho bride and I’m so happy with how Emily Prada captured our hippie sides in these beautiful photos.  I’ve always been a free spirit and throughout our relationship I’ve certainly made Ian more adventurous while he’s made me more grounded. So here we are a happy and free gypset couple that’s still grounded in the real world. I couldn’t be more thankful to have such beautiful photos that captured this side of us.

My maxi dress is Yumi Kim. This Yumi Kim – Dream Maxi (Candle Light Romance) Women’s Dress is similar and so is this one.

For more of our engagement photos in Lake Runnymede Conservation Area, check out part one of our first engagement shoot.

Photos by: Emily Prada

Boho Bride Engagement Photos

Boho Bride

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area Osceola County

Boho Engagement Shoot

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Engagement photos Emily Prada

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area Osceola Florida

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