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27 Things I’ve Learned After Turning 27

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I was born on September 4, 1986 in Newark, Delaware at Christiana Hospital. I like to think I was two weeks late because I didn’t want to come out until Fashion Week. Sitting in my New York apartment in the early morning hours of my 27th birthday, I’m coming to realize that I’m now at the age when people start to get emotional around their birthdays. Until the day I turned 21, birthdays were exciting and a cause for celebration no matter what other drama was going on. Though I love sharing a birthday with Beyonce and getting so many amazing wishes on Facebook and Twitter (keep them coming BTW), I can’t help, but feel a little down about getting older.

So here I am looking back at a picture of me on my 15th birthday back when I was super tan after a summer in Maine. As a teenager, I thought everything was awful. Now, when I look back on that chapter in my life, I remember a life filled with summer vacations and weekly trips to the mall. Isn’t it all so ironic. I recall a lot about being 15. Mostly because it was a turbulent time in my life. That year, I started high school, lived through 9/11, and experienced my Dad being laid off all in about 2 months time. Therefore, all of the minor events surrounding my freshman year of high school I find myself remembering more clearly than something that happened a year ago. Time is funny like that.

In an effort to spread my 27 years of knowledge to others, here are 27 Things I’ve Learned:

27. Accept the mistakes you make in your 20s. It doesn’t matter what road you take or if you have a few unfortunate detours along the way, as long as you keep moving forward.

26. Credit is the devil!

25. College is amazing! Enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts.

24. A night in can be just as enjoyable as a night out.

23. Nothing that happens in high school ever really matters.

22. Karma is real so make sure yours is good.

21. Health is far more valuable than wealth.

20. Celebrities are just like everyone else.

19. Cabs in NYC must accept all major credit cards.

18. My parents have made so many amazing sacrifices for me.

17. Always follow your intuition because 99% of the time it’s 100% correct.

16. Always have solid wardrobe basics.

15. You don’t need someone else’s permission to be awesome.

14. When it comes to friends choose quality over quantity

13. When going shopping, your first stop should be the sale rack.

12. Work hard and play harder

11. Don’t go out of your way for someone who isn’t going to do the same for you.

10. Never do something just because you think it’s what you should be doing.

9. Eat healthy and exercise

8. When you laugh you laugh with others, when you cry you cry alone.

7. Always make an effort to get to know people who are different from you.

6. Everything (both good and bad) must come to an end.

5. Explore yoga, spirituality, and meditation

4. The truth always comes out.

3. You wouldn’t have success with failure

2. Embrace travels, risks, and adventure

1. Love yourself

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The Gift of the Virgo


I’ve long been fascinated by constellations and the study of astrology.  So when I discovered that Beyonce and I share the same birthday of September 4th, I got into thinking about destiny, Destiny’s Child, and how our futures may very well be written at birth in the alignment of the stars.  If that’s true, then I’m happy to share some of the same celestial alignments as fellow Virgo, Beyonce.  Whenever I give myself a birthday toast I always remember to say “Happy Birthday to me and Beyonce!”  Having always been a picky perfectionist, I pride myself in embodying the Virgo spirit.  My ultra Virgo qualities have even earned me the nickname “Picky Vicky.”  So to show my zodiac pride, I put together a collection of my favorite Virgo styles and accessories.

1) Wildfox Couture Virgo Astrology Tee 2) Virgo Zodiac Charm Necklace 3) Alex and Ani Virgo Charm Bangle 4) All is Bright Virgo Mug 5) Estee Lauder Virgo Zodiac Powder Compact

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