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Steal vs. Splurge: Scallop Bandeau Bikini

I can’t believe it’s already August! While summer is flying by faster than a two week vacation, it’s not too late to stock up on some sexy swimwear. This Scallop Bandeau Bikini look is everywhere this summer and I’m loving it. Luckily, this beachside look is available at every price under the sun. So dive in and get your end of summer shopping on. A new bathing suit is the perfect excuse to book another vacation or crash someone’s pool party (not that you needed one).


Splurge: Marysia Swim Antibes Scallop Bikini Top ($138) and Marysia Swim Antibes Scallop Bikini Bottoms ($138) from Shopbop

Old Navy Jacquard Bandeau Bikini Swimwear

Steal: Jacquard Bandeau Bikini Top ($24) and Scalloped Jacquard Bikini Bottoms ($22) from Old Navy

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The Hottest Swimwear Styles by State Presented by T.J.Maxx and Marshalls

Now that summer is in full swing, you’re probably rocking your favorite swimsuit somewhere warm and beachy. In the spirit of making a splash in fabulous swimwear, T.J.Maxx and Marshalls dove in and conducted a survey uncovering the hottest swimwear styles of 2015!

Swimwear by State Infographic

According to this splash of survey,  halter, sporty and retro-inspired styles are the most popular. Surprisingly, over 70% of states favor the one piece. Though I live in New York, I think I’m more of a California or Maine girl when it comes to swimwear. What awesome swimsuit style are you rocking this summer?

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Bikini Alchemy’s Exclusive Summer Soirée at the Hudson Hotel’s Sky Terrace Rooftop Lounge

Hammock Summer Fun

Though some days are still a little chilly, summer has finally arrived bringing with it summer fashion of classic brights, neons, and of course bikinis. Summer or not, I’m always down for a fabulous NYC rooftop party. So when I took in summer style at Bikini Alchemy‘s exclusive summer launch in collaboration with Bash & Bow, I not only saw amazing beachwear, but a relaxed and resort-like side of NYC that can only be experienced at the Hudson Hotel‘s Sky Terrace Rooftop Lounge. Can’t wait to hit the beach in style!

red bikini



NYC Terrace

birghts neon

NYC View

summer flowers


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Fashion Must-Haves for a Picnic or Pool Party


Not only is it bikini season, it’s pool party season. In other words, summer is for partying and barbecuing. As every gal knows, summertime occasions deserve an incredible outfit. For your upcoming poolside picnic, you’re going to need the following to make an outstanding fashion statement.

Red Sunnies

Summer is the season for sunglasses. Whether you’re flaunting a boho floral sundress or striped bikini, a rockin’ pair of sunnies is essential — and red is a trend that will really make an impression. Fire engine red gives that pop of color for a bold, yet retro look, especially during the sultry temps of summer. As soon as you throw on those ruby red sunglasses, you’re a carefree gal ready for a cool Corona while lounging poolside and indulging in a veggie burger. For a classic vintage look, go for a pair of Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer in red or be playful with a pair of cherry, over-sized, flirty sunglasses from Oakley.

Straw Hat

Throw on a trendy panama, wide-brimmed fedora or classic sun hat to not only look like a fashionista, but to shade your face from the sun. Sun protection is always en vogue. Stay even cooler by twisting your hair into a side fishtail braid or pulling it into a low ponytail. Accessorizing your laid-back picnic outfit with a straw hat gives that little extra urban flare.

Denim & Shorts

Since it’s summer and a poolside picnic, the shorter the shorts, the better. Classic khaki shorts, rolled jeans or distressed denim cutoffs are all within the dress code for an afternoon summer barbecue. For this season, denim with denim is far from being a fashion crime. Pair your shorts with an oversized denim chambray, sleeveless denim collared shirt or colored tank with an opened denim vest. For an all-American denim look, People magazine’s fashion experts recommend Forever 21, Silver Jeans, Madewell, and American Eagle.

Plaid Button Up

Nothing says perfect picnic style more than a checkered button up, especially in red or blue. A plaid blouse worn with short denim cutoffs or a preppy skirt creates that fashion dichotomy of sexy edginess and clean-cut prep. Of course, no pattern is more picnic-appropriate than a red-and-white block print that stylishly mimics a vintage picnic tablecloth.

Striped Tank

Still looking for more fashion alternatives than a denim or plaid shirt for your upcoming poolside soiree? Loose-fitting striped tanks are comfortable and breezy, yet trendy enough to still make a style statement. StyleMint.com, a T-shirt collection designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, designs an array of striped tanks, such as the over-sized Graham racerback tank in grey or taupe or the teal and ivory striped peplum Carey Top tank with a gold zipper back and ruffled flare.


Along with your pleasant smile and picnic baked good, a beach tote must also be in tow. You can’t tell where this barbecue soiree will go, so you must be prepared with sunscreen, your bathing suit, a beach towel, a case for your VisionDirect contact lenses, bronzer, hairspray, and a sweater to put on for after your late-night swim.

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Those Lingering Lingerie Problems Solved


Choosing the correct lingerie can make or break your outfit. Wearing too tight of a bra can show some unwanted back fat through your clothing, and wearing a bra that’s too big can make your bust area look loose. Properly selected and fitted lingerie makes your garments look better and have you feeling better too.

PROBLEM: My Lingerie is Ill-Fitting

SOLUTION: Ill-fitting lingerie can make a major difference in how your outfits look. Lingerie that is too loose will bunch up and look unsightly, while lingerie that is too tight will accentuate any extra weight you may carry by creating bumps and rolls where they didn’t previously exist. Instead of continuing to suffer the discomfort and embarrassment of wearing lingerie that just doesn’t fit, have a professional measure you by visiting a lingerie store. Once you get your size there are many online stores to browse.

PROBLEM: Lingerie is Taking a Beating

SOLUTION: Washing your lingerie is a necessity, but throwing them in the washer can be harsh on the delicate material. Instead of allowing your potentially pricey lingerie to feel the brunt of the washing machine’s power, wash your lingerie by hand in your kitchen sink. Use a tablespoon of a mild washing detergent with warm water. Submerge your delicates in the sudsy water and allow them to soak for an hour or so. Add some stain remover to any pesky spots. After these delicates have soaked, remove them from the water and gently press the water out. Do not wring them, as this can damage or misshape the garments. Hang them from your shower rod to dry.

If you must run your lingerie through the washer, make sure you clasp the hooks and place your lingerie in a delicates back. Don’t forget to use the delicates setting.

PROBLEM: My Bold Colored Lingerie is Fading

SOLUTION: Reduce the color loss you are experiencing by only washing bold lingerie in cold water. Also, specifically seek a detergent that is labeled safe for colors. To further reduce the likelihood of color loss, use less detergent than you normally would, as the more detergent you use the greater the risk of the soap leaching colors from your potentially pricey undergarments.

Also consider how often you absolutely must wash your lingerie pieces. If you only wore your bright bra for a two hour long date, you may be able to wear it once more before you have to wash it. By reducing the number of trips that your lingerie takes in the washer, you can extend the life of the garments.

PROBLEM: You Can See My Undergarments Through My Clothing

SOLUTION: This can be a major problem, particularly when wearing light colored shirts. To ensure optimum safety in bra concealment, select a bra that matches your natural skin tone. This bra will be the least visible as it will be largely indistinguishable from your skin even if your shirt is rather translucent.

The same rule holds true for panties. If wearing light colored pants, select panties that match your skin as closely as possible. Also, avoid panty lines by selecting a thong instead of a bikini or boyshort panty.

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