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Recovering From Hurricane Sandy

In spite of it being my favorite holiday, I must admit that today didn’t feel much like Halloween in NYC. Just days after the worst natural disaster in history to hit the New York area, we are still feeling the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.  With almost all public transportation suspended, tunnels closed, and nearly half the city without power or water, it feels more like the day after an alien attack in a real life horror movie rather than a fun holiday of dressing up in costumes.  Throughout the day, I often forgot it was even Halloween.

With walking really the only available mode of transportation, as I walked around the city, I saw far fewer people are on the street and almost none in their usual animated Halloween costumes.  Over the past couple days, numerous New Yorkers walked close to 100 blocks just to charge their phones and take a shower at friends’ places uptown.  I’m very lucky to be living in Midtown at the moment.  Since I live on higher ground, I never lost power and didn’t experience flooding.  However, millions were not as lucky.  Now, the relief efforts have begun and I’m once again moved by how resilient this city is.  I encourage everyone to be a part of the Hurricane Sandy relief effort all donations to the American Red Cross are tax-deductible and will go to helping those who need it most as we rebuild the world’s greatest city that I’m proud to call home.