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Why I Couldn’t Be Happier to be Turning 30

30th birthday Aspiring Socialite J.Crew Dress

What’s even better than a 30th birthday party? A 30th birthday photo shoot of course! This Labor Day weekend (September 4th to be exact) I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday. While many of us lament the loss of our 20s as the end of our youth, I personally couldn’t be more excited to be leaving my 20s behind. While I learned a lot from my mistakes and had some great accomplishments like graduating from college, starting this blog, moving to New York, meeting my amazing boyfriend and getting my first real job, the truth is it was a sad decade filled with uncertainty and the struggles of being broke. It was basically like being 13 again only you have to pay your own bills. The further I got into my 20s, the more Britney Spears’ 2007 breakdown made perfect sense. That basically sums it up, but everything good or bad must always come to an end.

Today at 30 I feel younger, happier and more vibrant than I ever did in my early 20s (mush of that is because I’ve replaced drinking with fitness and feeling sorry for myself with taking action). As I look toward the adventures to come I often wish to be richer, skinnier, prettier or smarter, but I don’t wish to be younger. It took me almost 30 years to get it together. So in many ways my adult life has just begun and I look forward to embracing the coming years as a smarter, happier and humbler person. For once in my life I truly love who I am because I’ve fought, failed and failed again to be her. While I don’t know what the future will bring, I know that I’ll continue to fight for the person I am and want to be.
Aspiring Socialite 30th Birthday

At the end of my aerial fitness classes they often share a quote from Antigravity Founder Christopher Harrison. It goes, “Hidden in the forces that bring us down, is the energy to lift us up.” If anything my 20s gave me that. In the spirit of feeling and looking great, I decided to pose in front of the Goddess Wall in Soho. I recently discovered this work of street art and it really speaks to me. Many thanks to artists @jeremypenn and  @lambrosart for creating such an inspiring mural.

If you’re a struggling 20 something, I know exactly how you feel because not so long ago I was you. We all have our own paths in life, so the only real advice I can give you is that it doesn’t matter where you’re going or how you get there as long as you continue to move and look forward. The path is almost never straight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep moving forward. And when you turn 30, celebrate the amazingness of being 3 decades old with a 30th birthday photo shoot! If you’re in the New York area, Zarif Taufiq would be happy to do yours too.

Party City Balloons J.Crew Dress

Speaking of 30th birthday shoots, I know you’re dying to know how I got this amazing look. The dress is a J.Crew Spaghetti-Strap Dress in Colorful Brushstroke Print. I paired this happy birthday dress with Swedish Hasbeens Ornament Clogs in Black (my fav summer shoes) and my Mighty Purse Gold Stud Wristlet that has a built in phone charger.

30th birthday party

Many thanks to Valerie Star from Caravan Stylist Studio for doing such a beautiful job on my hair, makeup and nails. I really felt like a movie star! If you’re looking to recreate this look or just get your hands on some fab beauty products, I’ll tell you what she used. She styled these beautifully modern curls using OGX Anti-Gravity + Hydration O2 Weightless Oil & Lift Tonic, OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finish Spray and OGX Weightless Hydration Coconut Water Weightless Hydration Oil. For my makeup she made my eyes really pop with Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral PalettePixi Endless Silky Eye Pen, POP Beauty Pow Wow Powder, Pixi Mattelustre Lipstick and POP Beauty Brow Shape & Shade. Manuka Secrets was used on my skin and I wore Color Club’s It’s a Sauna Out Here Nail Polish.

Photos by: Zarif Taufiq

J.Crew Dress Birthday 30th Birthday

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The 20-Something’s Guide to a Champagne Life on a Beer Budget

high life

When you’re in your twenties, any fortune that you make in your lifetime is probably still ahead of you. A New York penthouse and a car and butler both named Bentley may be years away, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t put a little luxury into your life on an entry level salary. Whether it’s your car, your look, or your love life, there’s an affordable way to up your game.

The Next Best Thing to a Stretch Limo

Zipcar is sort of like a “take a penny, leave a penny” dish, except with cars. Car sharing services typically cost around $25 to join, and charge around $8 per hour or $50 for six hours of driving. Once you join Zipcar, you get a card that allows you to reserve, unlock and drive short-term rental cars around town with insurance and gas included. Simply put, you get all the convenience of car ownership with none of the hassle and little of the expense.

Deluxe Dating on a Dime

A table cloth and some candles go a long way in impressing someone. WonderHowTo.com suggests a lavish home cooked meal using basic, inexpensive ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and pasta. A nice tablecloth and wine glasses will make the meal feel a little more expensive than it really is.

As for the fancy meal, buy the ingredients at the start of the week and make that meal for yourself every night until it’s perfect. Then, come the weekend, you’ll be able to really impress and have gotten a week’s worth of groceries out of the deal. Rachel Ray offers a host of “Fast ‘n Fancy” meals you can try out on Food Network.

Dressing Sharp

Jewelry Gal’s blog suggests timeless fashions as an alternative to trying to keep up with the hot trends. This isn’t a bad idea. Metallic jeans are in one week and out the next, but a nice floppy sun hat is neither in or out, it’s just a great look.

For men, here’s a tip: go to the cheapest clothing outlet you can find, be it a thrift store or a big box store, and find a suit that’s too big for you. Take this suit to the tailor and have it custom trimmed to your specifications, and you’ll have a $1200 suit at about a tenth the price. That may eat up a lot of your clothes budget, but what were you gonna buy instead? “Funny” t-shirts and cargo shorts? Besides, it’s the only suit you’re going to need until you make it big.

Living well on a budget isn’t just a temporary fix until you get rich, it’s a way to enjoy life in such a way that you don’t need as much money. You’ll now have the time, the freedom and the peace of mind that you need to chase your career goals without worry.

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