Project Runway Week 5 Preview

This week on Project Runway on Lifetime, morning reality will set in when Melissa is the only girl left in her room.  The designers meet Heidi on the Runway, where she holds the infamous button bag.  Nina Garcia arrives to tell the designers about their next challenge.  They will be designing a capsule collection for the new Marie Claire at Work magazine.

Heidi tells the designers it is a team challenge, and everyone is disappointed.  The designers divide into two teams: Sonjia, Melissa, Elena, Dmitry,Alicia, Raul and Nathan, Ven, Christopher, Fabio, Gunnar.  The teams start to work, Elena clashes with the group, Gunnar is annoyed with micromanaging.  The teams head to Mood.  Back in the workroom, one of the teams discovers they are missing a bag and now have to improvise with less materials.  Raul gets frustrated.

Tim meets with the teams and gives his critiques.  He worries about Gunnar not speaking up.  After the designers finish their outfits, they get to direct a photo shoot for Marie Claire.  Elena clashes with everyone at the shoot, and argues with Melissa.  The looks from both teams walk the runway for the judges, and the judges are shown the photos from their shoot.  The judges talk to both teams on the runway.  Sorry socialites!  I don’t know in advance who is eliminated.  I’m not that famous yet…

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