Project Runway Week 3 Preview

The competition is really heating up with every twist and turn on Project Runway this week.  On tonight’s episode, the designers will meet Heidi on the runway and are told to meet Tim at the Southside Seaport.  When they arrive they find Tim and several Lexus vehicles.  They each get a key that will determine their car and their partner.  Their car and it’s color must inspire a red-carpet look to be worn at the Emmy’s.  They are told they have clients waiting for them.

Since there is always a twist, when the designers hop in their cars, they discover that their clients are former runway contestants.   In the workroom, some of the teams have difficulty working together.  Elena stomps around and bosses Buffi.  Christopher begins to lose patience with Andrea.  Gunnar and Kooan try to find a way to work together even though their methods are worlds apart.  Tim Gunn offers his critiques and the clients add their input.  Besides elimination, that’s always the scariest part.  Gunnar and Kooan’s client is demanding.  Alicia and Raul’s client hates their fabric.  Andrea and Chris’s client worries that they have her showing too much skin.  Ven and Fabio’s client is delighted by their design.  With all this designer drama, I’m already on the edge of my seat wondering who will be in and who will be out.

Tune into Project Runway tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime!