Guest Post: 5 Quick Tips to Finding the Best Sunglasses to Suit Your Personality


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Shopping for sunglasses can be tough. Not everything you like will look good on your face, and you’re going to initially dislike some of the styles that look best on you. But, it’s not all about looks, it’s also about personality. There are sunglasses for each temperament; you just have to find the right ones! Just answer these five questions prior to going sunglasses shopping and you’ll be home with your new babies in no time.

1. Do you want attention? If the answer is yes, then opt for oversized frames and indulge in embellishments of all sorts. Go for the funky, colorful frames. If the answer is no, decide on the classics with small frames that fit your face in neutral colors.

2. Are you active? If you’re into sports and being outdoors, go for sports sunglasses. They have high protection lenses and will keep your eyes safe and sound. If you’re not that active, you can go for fashion sunglasses which offer UV protection, but are also stylish.

3. Do you want to be a trendsetter? If you’re a follower, you’ll go for bling and/or mirror lenses. If you want to set the trend, look for unique sunglasses at thrift shops, vintage fairs, or on Etsy. Click here for more trendsetting styles.

4. Are you in charge? If you want to show your authority, wear aviator sunglasses. They’re often associated with power, since they were initially worn by policemen. If you are submissive, go for a classic Wayfarer style that is square and easy to wear.

5. Are you a romantic? If you’re nostalgic over decades you haven’t even lived in, select classic Hollywood styles of oversized, oval sunglasses or cat eyes. If you’re a realistic modern girl, go for the round sunglasses with a keyhole brow or steampunk frames.

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  • I love the Burberry sunglasses. Unfortunately, I’d probably immediately lose or sit on them if i indulged my shopping urge!