Candy Crush Crazed!


My latest obsession has nothing to do with couture. Like millions of addicts around the world, I’ve developed quite a sweet tooth for Candy Crush Saga. I love all the pretty candies and the challenge each level brings. If you haven’t played yet, just be aware that this game is addictive enough to make you a permanent resident of the Betty Ford Center. So play wisely. Currently, I’ve been stuck on level 65 for over a month and it’s driving me insane.

In spite of it all, Candy Crush certainly has a way of teaching you patience. Not only do some levels take forever to pass, but once your five lives are up, you must wait a specified amount of time before you can play again or ask your Facebook friends to send you a life. I have tons of friends on Facebook that I haven’t spoken to in years, but they never fail to send me lives on Candy Crush. If you can’t wait, you can always pay for more lives, but I’m not really into doing that. I’d rather wait and use my time in between Candy Crush sessions to do something productive. Since I now have nothing, but candy on my mind, I’ve been spending my Candy Crush downtime searching for the cutest candy-inspired accessories. I hope you enjoy my sweet picks and beat that level you’re stuck on soon!

1. kate spade new york ‘popsicle’ coin purse  2. Dylan’s Candy Bar Whirly Pop iPad Cover  3. Lippmann Collection Candy Shop Nail Lacquer  4. Sweets My Sweet Heels  5. Chic Candy Clutch Bag with Detachable Long Strap

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